Broker Dealers, Wealth Managers and Investment Advisors

Neptune Global offers complete precious metals trading and support services to broker dealers, wealth managers and investment advisors through it’s commercial trading group.

Through Neptune Global, financial professionals can purchase and liquidate a wide variety of gold, silver, platinum and palladium bullion coins and bars. Additionally, innovative physical precious metals investment assets are available which have been specifically designed to complement the investment options offered by financial professionals to their clients. Advisors have the option to either take delivery of their bullion or have it safely held in custody, insured against loss or damage.

Understanding Your Business Model:

The platform and programs available to the financial professional through Neptune Global support both the AUM and transactional business models.

Our services have been designed with both the investor and advisor in mind.
  • Investors work with their existing advisor to create an investment plan.
  • Neptune Global supports the advisor with competitively prices bullion investment products, access to the global bullion market and related services.
  • Advisors expand their product offering and expertise by engaging with Neptune Global to function as a specialized trading desk.
  • By incorporating the products and services from Neptune Global into their investment offering, the advisor also reduces the risk of losing client assets to a competing firm.

To learn more about Neptune Global’s services for the financial professional call 302-256-5080.