• Spot Prices Sunday June 16, 2019 13:12 EST
  • PMC Index 94.85 0.38
  • Gold 1,342.10 1.60
  • Silver 14.89 0.04
  • Platinum 806.10 6.30
  • Palladium 1,477.50 24.30

Gold Bullion

For more than five centuries, possessing gold has been recognized as one of the best ways to preserve one’s wealth and purchasing power. Gold is a unique investment, one that has served mankind well throughout history, and continues to stand as the ultimate form of money to this day.

Gold bullion is real, honest money…and, many say, the best form of money the world has ever known. It is a store of value and a safe haven in times of crisis. Gold is rare, durable and divisible. Gold bullion is naturally rare and cannot be created out-of-thin-air like paper money. It is universally accepted, and can be easily bought and sold around the world.

Gold bullion is a real, tangible assets, and throughout history, has been an ideal store of value and an excellent hedge against inflation, deflation and political uncertainty. Gold bullion is an extremely liquid investments, easily stored and transported, and can be a uniquely private way to preserve one’s wealth.

Today, capturing the unique value characteristics of gold is of paramount importance for investors. Gold bullion’s time tested ability to diversify private holdings, protect wealth and preserve one’s purchasing power is needed now more than ever.

Gold bullion is available from Neptune Global in three convenient forms:

  1. Coins from the world’s leading mints.
  2. Bars from globally recognized refineries
  3. Gold Vault Account – turn key and liquid gold bullion investment vehicle

Speak with a Neptune Global bullion specialist today to discuss how a gold bullion investment could and possibly should become part of your investment portfolio.
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