• Spot Prices Sunday June 16, 2019 13:13 EST
  • PMC Index 94.85 0.38
  • Gold 1,342.10 1.60
  • Silver 14.89 0.04
  • Platinum 806.10 6.30
  • Palladium 1,477.50 24.30

Vault Accounts

The Vault Account is the easiest and most cost efficient way to invest in physical precious metals. This turn-key program includes the Gold Vault Account, Silver Vault Account and patented PMC Ounce – Precious Metals Composite.

Vault Accounts give investors the ability to own and trade physical precious metals with the ease similar to trading a stock, yet there is no financial instrument between the investor and underlying asset – physical bullion. Delivery and insured storage of the bullion associated with each trade happens seamlessly and automatically. Allocation of bullion is done in the investor’s name and recorded at the depository level. Additionally, investors receive confirmation of account activity directly from the depository, an independent third-party non-bank depository.

Delivery of bullion is another unique and valuable feature of the Vault Account. Investors can choose to have their bullion holdings converted to bullion for delivery or liquidate their bullion assets for cash. Contact Neptune Global for details regarding the Vault Account delivery program.

The Vault Account leads the precious metals investment world as the most innovative and option rich way to own and trade physical precious metals.

To open your account or speak with a bullion specialist, call Neptune Global 302-256-5080.

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